CMYK Trio T-shirt

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CMYK Trio T-shirt
CMYK Trio T-shirt

This will be the most comfortable and versatile band shirt in your closet.

  • This shirt  is all about the "trio."
    1. TRI-Blend: If you've never owned a triblend shirt, you are in for a treat. This cotton blend is as comfortable to sleep in as it to wear out and about, or even at the gym!

    2. THREE Colors: Fittingly utilizing the "CMYK" color scheme (like printers do), this shirt design features three exuberant inks meticulously chosen from the Pantone library to make the colors really POP even after several washes.

    3. TRIO Design: Featuring a trio of your favorite little printer faces, this design is symbolistic of the three distinct chapters of the Fantastic Wrist album story.

  • Created right here in Nashville, TN by Friendly Arctic.

  • Machine-wash friendly, but hang to dry to reduce shrinkage!

  • Shirt runs accurate to size!

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