"Fantastic Wrist" Long-Sleeve

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"Fantastic Wrist" Long-Sleeve
"Fantastic Wrist" Long-Sleeve
"Fantastic Wrist" Long-Sleeve
Well dang! A seasonal shirt for everyone's favorite orchestral synth album. Be fantastic. Live fantastic. Low-key autumnal/collegiate vibes so you can feel like you're attending Cornell in Ithaca, NY whenever you want.
  • limited run of 50.

  • comes with private download, bandcamp, soundcloud, and youtube links for ‘fantastic wrist’ upon purchase.

  • features adapted cover art by myles mcgrady. be fantastic.

  • “single pass” screen-printing approach allows for a lighter inking so that the shirt material integrates with the design a touch more.

  • hella comfy long sleeve shirt. roll up sleeves a touch to show off those fantastic wrists.

  • perfect amount stretchy. mild sweater vibes just in time for autumn and winter.

  • created right here in nashville, tn by friendly arctic.

  • machine-wash friendly, but hang to dry to reduce shrinkage!

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