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"Moon Gear" Deluxe CD (Only One Available)

"Moon Gear" Deluxe CD (Only One Available)

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This item is part of the BP Relics Series, where Jesse is parting ways with BP items from his personal vault that were one-of-a-kind, dated, or no longer in production. These items are never intended to be reproduced.

Related Album Cycle: Moon Gear (2013)

Where Did This Come From?!:


It was part of a 2013 Kickstarter for the Moon Gear album, which really was the proper launch of the album. The main attraction was this CD, which is pretty interesting.

The concept of Moon Gear was that it was the soundtrack to a nonexistent video game - and so, each song had a 'character.' Instead of a tracklist on the back, there's a 'character select' screen. Each character has a biography that helps tell a larger story - and each CD came with an insert that featured these bios.

The front cover was designed by Mayumi Park, and the inner art was done by myself and Snore Captain. Character sketches by Snore Captain and colored by myself.

Full disclosure - the printing on this CD is a little fuzzy due to a DPI issue. The front cover looks sick, though - no worries there. Consider the imperfections part of what makes this a crazy piece of Printer history, when I didn't know what I was doing!

If I EVER reprint these - which I really don't think I will - they will NOT be like this, I promise you that!

Original Run: 100

Size/Variant Available:


4-Panel digipak, eco-friendly recycled cardboard + no plastic used.
Includes 'character bios' insert created by a water-powered paper mill.

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