The Basic Printer Merch Mantra™️

you may not be aware of this, but the music industry as a whole is largely built on dishonesty.

streams, followers, and numbers of all kinds are inflated, or flat-out paid for. opening slots for tours with big artists are often sold and bought, not earned. magazine covers, radio placement, and prime real-estate for exposure is bought by PR companies, injecting a played-up story that otherwise boils down to having rich parents.

but you know what really sucks about the dishonesty of the industry?

it affects YOU in the way it offers merch through band stores.

your average $50 post malone tee is made by a robot in a non-descript warehouse using cheap materials, and is then sent to you in a drab grey bag with no evidence that any love or care was put into the items or fulfillment of the order.

it's one thing to have to skip through some drake songs on a spotify playlist you like, or have yet another nepo baby come across your feed as the new "rolling stone" it-girl, or sit through a blasé opener before a band you love...but it's another thing to pay exorbitantly for a shirt only for it to show up way too late and get ruined after just a couple of washes.
for me, that's too much of a direct insult to you. it's one thing to fake everything else, but that just seems unethical to fans.

i recognize every purchase on this store is a vote for me to carry on making music, and it's a big deal to me. in fact, 95% of bp funds come from this very merch store. because it's such an important piece of this puzzle, i vow to NEVER disappoint you with my products.
when you invest in me in this way, i invest back in you by making sure you get what you paid for, and a little bit more.

so, below are all of the hallmarks of a great basic printer merch experience that you can hold me to until the end of time:

i will NEVER:
  • use "print on demand" or "one-off" manufacturing.
  • source art and designs from ai.
  • source products from massive, faceless companies.
  • knowingly choose a lesser product for the sake of cost-cutting.
i will ALWAYS:
  • produce items in meaningful quantities to ensure quality throughout the entire batch.
  • source art from myself, fans, or visual artists i respect.
  • incorporate quality into the design of every product on this store.
  • source products from local and/or small business.
  • leave evidence that i assured the quality of the order by leaving an extra item or signature on the receipt.
know that when you purchase an item from this store, you are contributing not just to the growth of the music, but to the local businesses, fans, and artists involved with making these products possible.

you're investing in a future where independent artists can produce their own merch in a way that is ethical, monetarily viable, and most importantly, quality for the fans.

you're investing in the future success of local and small businesses rather than conglomerates and monopolies.

i want you to know that you can feel great about every purchase you make on this store, and that it is well worth the money both for you, and for basic printer.

thank you so much, and happy shopping!

-jesse gillenwalters (aka basic printer)