Collection: 70% Off Deluxe Vinyl Bundles for New Fans!

Hey there. I'm Jesse Gillenwalters, and I've been making music as Basic Printer for 15 years.

If I've learned anything during my time, it's that PEOPLE LOVE VINYL. It's the perfect way to get you something cool while supporting an artist BIG time.

So, I'm thrilled to offer you a massive bundle offer for any one of my albums as thanks for liking my music: 70% off for the autographed vinyl, autographed CD, and deluxe digital version of the album!

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Scroll down and click through each title to see which is most your speed, they're all pretty different! I have handy little descriptions to help you find the album you'll like the best.

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Every bundle comes with the following:

Limited Edition Vinyl Title
+ Autograph
+ Autographed CD for that title
+ Album WAV downloads + Instrumentals + Bonus Track(s) (if applicable)
+ Sticker
+ Pokémon Card
+ Discord Access