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"Good Weird" Translucent Orange Vinyl

"Good Weird" Translucent Orange Vinyl

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Note: If you want a specific message or name on your handwritten note for the Super addition, please make a note in the order details during checkout.

This here is a 140g translucent orange vinyl, a fitting color for the playful bombast that is 'Good Weird'. It is remastered especially for vinyl by Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN. Yes. That is music city, so it's gotta be good (Also they mastered the EP as well as Fantastic Wrist).

It comes in a slightly different jacket than you might expect. It is me, after all. Instead of a conventional gatefold, this has a unique 'wrap around' cover that makes for a bit of a unique format with altered album art to accommodate it. So I think that's pretty cool about it. Plus, this way you can see the orange vinyl without having actually to pull the record out. Ya know?

Now I heard you all. You had a variety of wants for a variety of prices. So for that reason, I have come up with two options in case you wanted a straight up vinyl, or all the bells and whistles:


  • Basic Edition:
    • Translucent orange wax vinyl
    • Comes with random Pokémon card

  • Super Edition:
    • Everything in the Basic Edition, including the following:
    • Sticker
    • WAV and MP3 downloads for the main songs and the instrumentals
    • Cover is autographed with sharpie
    • Personalization upon request. To include a specific short message, please leave your message in the note during checkout. Message will be written on inner sleeve.
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