"Goodbyenary Code" Emblem Tee + Secret Acoustic Album (Only One Available)

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"Goodbyenary Code" Emblem Tee + Secret Acoustic Album (Only One Available)

This item is part of the BP Relics Series, where Jesse is parting ways with BP items from his personal vault that were one-of-a-kind, dated, or no longer in production. These items are never intended to be reproduced.

Related Album Cycle: Goodbyenary Code (2012)

Where Did This Come From?!:

Being the first piece of BP merch EVER, this t-shirt was part of a Kickstarter in 2012 that was looking to raise the teensiest bit of money, just to get a small small run of shirts. I couldn't tell you how many were printed, but it was probably about... 15 or 20.

So yeah, this thing is pretty rare.

I consider this to be more or less a prototype and less of something that 'got out there, but was discontinued'...if you have this shirt, I probably know you personally, haha.

I loved this tee, but I still remember when my friend Jack said he was worried about wearing it because 'it looked like it was gonna murder him'.

I don't think it's THAT dramatic, but I had worn a mask for the earliest bit of Basic Printer. I dunno, I was self conscious and thought it was quirky or something.

The emblem is thematically linked to the Goodbyenary Code album cycle - and fun fact - the Kickstarter had a tier where if you pledged additional money, you got a secret acoustic album as well.

I think it makes sense to also give you this secret acoustic album digitally, which I found the files for and can remaster for you.

Original Run: 
15 - 20

Size/Variant Available: 


Anvil, Pre-shrunk cotton, black

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