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Jesse's Personal Korg microKORG (My First Synth EVER!)

Jesse's Personal Korg microKORG (My First Synth EVER!)

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This item is part of the BP Relics Series, where Jesse is parting ways with BP items from his personal vault that were one-of-a-kind, dated, or no longer in production. These items are never intended to be reproduced.

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Where Did This Come From?!:

Oh my god. This is my personal Korg microKORG Synthesizer.

I got this back in 2009. and it was my first synth EVER. Seriously.


I used this to produce my first recordings ever, which you can't really find anywhere anymore...but I used this pretty steadily on all of the Printer Preludes (the 6 albums I recorded before the self-titled EP, which are on bandcamp). A standout use of the microkorg is the opening of Kid Would Kill from Goodbyenary Code.

In fact...this synth is FULL OF MY PRESETS, including this Kid Would Kill preset. So cracking into this thing and hearing my teenage brain make initial synth patches could be quite a trip.

Now...what's wrong with it? Really there's nothing wrong with it (no damage or anything), but there are some downsides to this that you should know:

  1. The keybed on this sucker is verrrrrry neglected. Trying to play these keys will not result in noise without applying a lot of pressure because there is so much dust under the keys. However, this could be fixed by completing a cleaning on the keybed, like this video shows.

  2. I cannot find the AC adaptor, so you'd need to get a replacement which shouldn't be a pain, especially because it needs a negative polarity 9V which is super common and cheap.

  3. I also lost the built it vocoder mic, but to be honest, it sucks ass. You should just use a Shure SM58 with it :)

All this being said, this thing could certainly still be a capable and usable synth that you could keep going with for at least a couple years - just clean that keybed or have it done! Otherwise, you could MIDI control this with another keyboard and hear the sounds I put on it or obviously use it yourself.

If you want a synth from my collection that wouldn't just be a paperweight or display piece, this is it - not to mention, it has some markers of my personal use which is kinda neat, right?

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Copper, Wood Finish


Monophonic or Polyphonic
Dirty keybed - needs cleaning in order to use built-in keyboard
No AC Adaptor Included
Missing Vocoder Gooseneck mic
5 pounds (and shipping reflects that)
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