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Lafayette Echo-Verb II Vintage Spring Reverb Unit

Lafayette Echo-Verb II Vintage Spring Reverb Unit

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This is a vintage spring reverb unit by Lafayette called the Echo-Verb II. Released in the 60's. Still works quite well and has a really cool dated sound - great for vintage surf-rock tones and the like.

Only issues to note are cosmetic - the usual dings here and there (shown in the photography), and someone marked up the bottom of it with a utensil of some sort - could be washed off, I reckon.

I used this sucker on a few tracks, but not many...The verses of Offa Ur Phone have this on it - that little ghostly synth organ chord that creeps in halfway through is being run through this thing. Also, the distant ghosty melody that happens after the first chorus of Tetris, in the background - that's also coming from this thing + a Monotron.

I just don't use it enough and it's a little too 'niche' for me. If you're into vintage stuff or wanta. piece of BP history, this is YA BOY!
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