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"Moon Gear" Era Tee (Only One Available)

"Moon Gear" Era Tee (Only One Available)

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This item is part of the BP Relics Series, where Jesse is parting ways with BP items from his personal vault that were one-of-a-kind, dated, or no longer in production. These items are never intended to be reproduced.

Related Album Cycle: Moon Gear (2013)

Where Did This Come From?!:

This here t-shirt was a part of the second Kickstarter I had ever done, and I do say it was successful!

The Kickstarter was how I officially launched the Moon Gear album. I did CDs, posters, and these shirts. It was my first real 'album launch' which is really neat to think back to. I wasn't far off, was I?!

These were printed locally (at the time) by the beloved shirt company Muckle's Ink in Binghamton, NY, where I'm from.

If you have one of these shirts, to be honest, you are someone I know personally, because I didn't have fans that weren't friends or family at that point, haha.

That meaning, this shirt was pretty much like a prototype! It really never saw the light of day.

Original Run: 25

Size/Variant Available: 


Created by Muckle's Ink in Binghamton, NY
Canvas Brand, 100% Cotton, Red

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