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Pixel Boy Plushie + Live Album

Pixel Boy Plushie + Live Album

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Hot dog! Did Jesse get stuck in a SNES game?! Happens to the best of us. It's best we make a plushie about it. Ah, whaddya know. We just did!

This little sucker was made by Peach Town Toys and is based on a design done by RJ Navarro, with help from Kodi Z. during the design process!

This little guy is snuggly with quite the bobbly head! Not to mention he's a great display piece and will stand on his own with a little support put behind him.

When you give this little dude a home, you'll also get digital access to the since banished "Haha Yeah Concert Movie" which was a capturing of the Haha Yeah album release show on 11/18/22 at the 5 Spot in Nashville!

In The Package

  • Pixel Boy Plushie (Limited run of 100)
  • Holographic Pixel Boy Sticker
  • A random Pokémon Card

In Your Email

  • Haha Yeah Concert Movie 1080p Download
  • Haha Yeah Album Release Show Live Album Download (MP3 / WAV)
  • Streaming Options for Both
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